{On the Nightstand}The Story of My Teeth Book Review

book review

I’ll come right out and say it: this is one of the oddest things I have read in quite some time. Here is my book review:

The main character is exceptionally unreliable, but quite a charmer and managed to hold my attention through the entire book, which I read in about two days. It’s a fast read, with each chapter connected to one of the main character’s teeth. Nearly none of these came out of his actual head, mind you, and at one point he has Marilyn Monroe’s teeth implanted in his own mouth. See- I told you. Odd.

But there is something about this that I couldn’t put down. The story is unexpected and each chapter peels back a little more than the one before, and then there is a meta layer with a biographer of the main character appearing and weighing in himself. It made me laugh and it also made me think about art and how stories come together.

If you liked If On a Winter’s Night a Traveler, you’ll probably like this as well, even though The Story of My Teeth  doesn’t read the same way at all. The sensibility is there. If you hated the Calvino, this might not be your bag.

Even so, I think it’s worth a go…

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