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Mary Laura Philpott | Secret Library Podcast |

{Secret Library Podcast} Mary Laura Philpott on Humor, Penguins and the Fall Book Lineup

Sometimes we all need a good laugh. Mary Laura Philpott was the perfect person to talk to about humor. Her book,View full post »

Essentialism vs Yes Man |

{Review} Essentialism vs. Yes Man

What to do when your personal philosophy hits a roadblock. I’ve just finished reading Essentialism, by GregView full post »

Check out The Border of Paradise-a new gothic novel you won't want to miss | The Book Dr.

{Review} The Border of Paradise

“But to this day, I suspect I planted the seeds of my own suffering without any notion ofView full post »

{Review} How to Be a Woman

I was so excited that How to Be a Woman was available at the library, I can’t even tell you. The apparent impactView full post »

{Review}Learning the Art of Money

When The Art of Money galleys showed up at author Bari Tessler’s home, this is the photo her husband got of howView full post »

Just Mercy Bryan Stevenson book dr

{Review} Finding Humanity in Just Mercy

Just Mercy follows the trend in my reading lately- I seem to keep digging to the center of where human life can breakView full post »

The Storytelling Animal, earthbound oracle

{Review} The Storytelling Animal, or Why Stories Get to Us.

I had long wanted to read The Storytelling Animal, since the idea that story is hardwired into us really spoke toView full post »

getting over a little life

{Review} Getting Over a Book: A Little Life

I finished A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara last week and I haven’t been ready to write about it yet. Honestly,View full post »

A little life Hanya Yanagihara

{Pre-Review} A Little Life. This Book Climbs Inside Your Head…

I keep having these plans to get up at 6am and write reviews for all of you. I hit snooze once at 6am, I won’tView full post »

Gloria Steinem Life on the Road

{Review} Go On the Road with Gloria Steinem

I’m going to start with the most astonishing thing I learned in this book: Gloria Steinem doesn’t drive. IView full post »

After You Jojo Moyes

{Review} What happens After You

Sequels are dangerous. We all know this. Beverly Hills Cop–amazing. Beverly Hills Cop 2–still prettyView full post »

Proust In Search of Lost Time Book Dr.

{Review} When to read Proust’s In Search of Lost Time

Proust. It’s a short name with a lot of baggage. I was almost embarrassed to tell people that’s what I wasView full post »

{Review} Sick day? Kondo to the rescue.

What to read on your next sick day. This holiday season, I have found myself sick far more often than usual. When myView full post »

book review

{On the Nightstand}The Story of My Teeth Book Review

I’ll come right out and say it: this is one of the oddest things I have read in quite some time. Here is my bookView full post »

book review library unquiet history

{On the Nightstand} Library: An Unquiet History

I’m assuming we’re all fans of the library here, right? If you read as much as people like us read, theView full post »