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{Dear Book Dr.} What about book proposals?

This week’s letter comes from Dal… who is interested in learning about book proposals. Listen up to learnView full post »

{Dear Book Dr.} Down a Spiritual Rabbit Hole

Marissa writes in this week because she’s taken the plunge into the spiritual world, but it sounds a little bitView full post »

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{Dear Book Dr.} Serial dater seeks herself

This week’s letter comes from Kristy, a self-confessed serial dater who’d like to settle down a bit andView full post »

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{Dear Book Dr.} I must have all the trivia!

Logan writes in this week looking for trivia and weird knowledge. I love this sort of thing- reading for the absoluteView full post »

{Dear Book Dr.} Help! I’m having a Baby.

This week, Jane writes in feeling quote overwhelmed about being pregnant and living far away from her family. SheView full post »

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{Dear Book Dr.} Searching for Practical Woo-Woo

I’m loving this week’s letter from Jess. She’s looking for something to read that is both practicalView full post »

{Dear Book Dr.} On a Quest for Love

Hello! Welcome to another Dear Book Dr. Minisode. This week’s letter comes from Genevieve, who’s askingView full post »

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{Dear Book Dr.} Life after A Little Life

This week, we have a letter from Megan that’s very close to my heart. Megan has just finished A LittleView full post »

{Dear Book Dr.} How do I get back to myself?

What happens when everything that previously defined your life is gone? That’s the question thisView full post »

{Dear Book Dr.} Time Management Help Needed!

Time Management. (Don’t we all have issues with this?) This week, Mara writes in asking for help with herView full post »

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{Dear Book Dr.} Book Prescriptions are back!

When I began writing this site, all I wanted to do was book prescriptions. Anyone who’s met me knows IView full post »

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{Dear Book Dr.} 52 Books That Will Change Your Life!

One of my very first projects here at the Book Dr was to ask for letters from readers. This was originally the entireView full post »

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{Dear Book Dr.} Getting Back into Online Dating?

In Need of an Online Dating Profile Makeover Dear Book Dr., I spent most of last year actively dating. I mostlyView full post »

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{Dear Book Dr.} Sexy Book Club revival

It seems there is a theme on here lately… erotic fiction? Is this something people are looking to discussView full post »

{Dear Book Dr.} Advice on Caring for Aging Parents

As we get close to Halloween, I often think about those relatives that are no longer with me. In Los Angeles, we haveView full post »