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{Dear Book Dr.} Picking Out Books for Kids?

Up to this point, I’ve been focusing my reading on adult reading options. Perhaps ignoring the younger readerView full post »

{Dear Book Dr.} Online Dating Sucks. Please help?

Today’s letter enters another realm… the realm of love, people. When I was in Hawaii with my fiancee, whoView full post »

{Dear Book Dr.} Erotica Needed for Hot Times!

It has been hot in Los Angeles this year. Unusually hot. Like 95+ for the past six weeks. I am writing this post withView full post »

{Ephemera Almanac Vol. 1, Issue 16} Do Not Dumb Here.

I know this image is a little smaller than usual, but I couldn’t resist. This was sent to me by a friend, itView full post »

{Dear Book Dr.} And now… Book Dr. TV!

Hello, Everyone! I decided it was time to start the video train here on the blog. As I mentioned, I was so touchedView full post »

[Dear Book Dr.] How to Organize Your Bookshelves

Dear Book Dr, I am simplifying my house by working through the Cozy Minimalist eCourse. While the author has someView full post »

[Dear Book Dr.] How to Write a Bollywood Memoir

Dear Book Doctor, The last 4 and a half months of my life have been like a Bollywood epic sending me on anView full post »

Mao and the world's largest book

[Dear Book Dr.] The World’s Largest Book.

Last week, we had a fantastic letter from Hildegard, in which she requested recommendations for both tiny books andView full post »

[Dear Book Dr.] What to Do if You Want to Collect Tiny Books.

What is your recommendation for an incredibly small book? And then also for a very large book. I’d like to startView full post »

dear book dr.: road trips with audiobooks.

Dear Book Dr, My husband and I are taking an 8 hour road trip (one way) this weekend to a family reunion. Do you haveView full post »

dear book dr.: bringing back the fiction.

Dear Book Doctor, I’ve been up to my ears in non-fiction recently, because that’s what people keep recommendingView full post »

help for the potential juror.

Today, we have an afternoon rescue for an urgent letter: Dear book doctor, I’m in the jury duty waiting room and I’mView full post »

what makes you the book dr.?

what kind of Dr r u? Where did u receive ur degree? -anonymous reader Thanks for your question! It’s an honoraryView full post »

lit for expat living.

Dr. Caroline, I have long admired your work and find your tasteful web platform to be a soothing and safe place forView full post »

reading for late night mommies.

Dear Book Doctor, I am looking for a book I can read between 4 and 5 am. I have a newborn and am often awake during theView full post »