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the how of healthy habits.

Dear Book Dr., I love this idea! I am interested in reading about what it takes to make healthy, sustained changes inView full post »

delights from non-fiction.

I received a letter from a Book Dr. reader this morning through the question submission page and realized there was aView full post »

books to escape the sad places.

This one is a heartbreaker. It took me quite a while to chew on this letter to source the right book. During that time,View full post »

this summer, travel by the book.

OK, admittedly, this post is pretty late. The Book Dr. has been underwater at the regular job, but the office is nowView full post »

vive la france! vacation reading for burgundy and paris.

I was delighted to receive this letter, as I am a fellow lover of all things French: Hello Book Doctor! When I heardView full post »

the things that matter.

There seems to be a trend between this post and the last. I see a desire in readers here to look at what really mattersView full post »

social media madness?

Sometimes we all suffer from comparison fatigue. Today’s letter is a call for us to stop the keeping up with theView full post »

not another self help book.

Today’s letter comes from a reader who is looking for inspiration in a different genre: Dear book dr., IView full post »

william morris on sorting books.

Today, a practical question from a reader doing some spring cleaning: I have a question for the Book Dr.!!! What doView full post »

lady combo platter.

Today’s letter touches on the topic of passion. Our writer is balancing creative impulses in love and art. TwoView full post »

the omnivore’s dilemma.

Here’s today’s letter from the Book Dr mailbag. I do like a challenge! Dear book doctor, I am a reader whoView full post »

the book dr. cures everything, even broken hearts.

<p>This letter reminded me of a favorite book when I was a kid: <aView full post »

salvation for textbook overload.

And today, we have our first letter to the Book Doctor! Dear Book Doctor: What would you suggest for someone who hasView full post »