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{Secret Library Podcast} Malu Halasa on Redefining American Fiction

Malu Halasa is on new ground. A journalist and author of numerous non-fiction books on the Middle East, Malu HalasaView full post »

{Secret Library Podcast} Sandra Scofield

Sandra Scofield is like a warm hug from writing itself. For ages, I’ve loved Sandra Scofield’s The SceneView full post »

{Secret Library Podcast} David Rocklin

David Rocklin Found a Novel in a Photograph. While researching his first novel about the photographer Julia MargaretView full post »

{Secret Library Podcast} Lisa Cron

Lisa Cron believes all writing is being taught wrong. Lisa Cron is a woman on a mission: she wants to help you writeView full post »

{Secret Library Podcast} Piper Huguley

Piper Huguley is changing history as we know it. There are genres and then there are subgenres. One of the things IView full post »

{Secret Library Podcast} Fran Krause

Fran Krause started with a little side project, and then it blew up. After an experiment with YouTube animation leftView full post »

{Secret Library Podcast} Steven Tagle on Fulbrights for Writers

Steven Tagle wants every writer to know about the Fulbright A few episodes ago, when Patricia Park was on the show,View full post »

{Secret Library Podcast} Crushing NaNoWriMo

It’s almost November and you know what that means… No- not Thanksgiving- NaNoWriMo! What does that mean,View full post »

{Secret Library Podcast} Victor LaValle

Victor LaValle writes good stories. My husband has been devouring his catalogue of novels with a singularView full post »

{Secret Library Podcast} Scott O’Connor teaches in my Dining Room

Yes, you read that right. On Tuesdays, Scott O’Connor shows up at my house along with a band of students. ItView full post »

{Secret Library Podcast} Patricia Park Trusts the Process

Patricia Park is one of the few writers I know up to taking on Jane Eyre. I’m not talking about talent. As wellView full post »

{Secret Library Podcast} Joe Fassler Lights the Dark

I wish I had been smart enough to come up with Joe Fassler’s book idea. As a fellow interview lover, Joe hasView full post »

{Secret Library Podcast} Paul McVeigh on How a Story is Born

Paul McVeigh wrote a story in an afternoon that took twenty years. How is that possible? We gather images over time,View full post »

{Secret Library Podcast} Gabriela Pereira on to MFA or to DIY MFA?

Gabriela Pereira doesn’t think you NEED to get an MFA. However, need and want are two different things. An MFAView full post »

{Secret Library Podcast} Scott Stabile spreads Big Love

Scott Stabile has earned the right to share advice. There are many books out there that share life advice. There areView full post »