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{Dear Book Dr.} Help! I’m having a Baby.

This week, Jane writes in feeling quote overwhelmed about being pregnant and living far away from her family. SheView full post »

{Secret Library Podcast} Michelle Wetzel on the New High School Library

Michelle Wetzel is the high school librarian you wish you had. Hearing about what is possible in schools nowadays,View full post »

Practical Woo-Woo | Dear Book Dr. |

{Dear Book Dr.} Searching for Practical Woo-Woo

I’m loving this week’s letter from Jess. She’s looking for something to read that is both practicalView full post »

Erin Jourdan | Secret Library Podcast |

{Secret Library Podcast} Erin Jourdan on Stunt Journalism

Erin Jourdan is not afraid of stunt writing. You won’t be either, once you listen to this episode. Ever wantedView full post »

{Dear Book Dr.} On a Quest for Love

Hello! Welcome to another Dear Book Dr. Minisode. This week’s letter comes from Genevieve, who’s askingView full post »

Natasia Deon | Secret Library Podcast | | image: Casey Curry

{Secret Library Podcast} Natashia Deón on Novels and Grace

Natashia Deón is a wonder. When Julia Callahan gave her incredible ability to build networks and community back inView full post »

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{Dear Book Dr.} Life after A Little Life

This week, we have a letter from Megan that’s very close to my heart. Megan has just finished A LittleView full post »

{Secret Library Podcast} Krysta Williams on Art Books and Photography

As you can see, Krysta Williams has incredible hair. It’s even mentioned in her bio, but that’s not why IView full post »

{Dear Book Dr.} How do I get back to myself?

What happens when everything that previously defined your life is gone? That’s the question thisView full post »

Lindsay Smith | Secret Library Podcast | Editing |

{Secret Library Podcast} Lindsay Smith on the Mysterious Art of Editing

So what happens when you finish writing your fricken book?? Editing has been the final frontier for me with myView full post »

{Dear Book Dr.} Time Management Help Needed!

Time Management. (Don’t we all have issues with this?) This week, Mara writes in asking for help with herView full post »

Jannelle Hardy | The Secret Library |

{Secret Library Podcast} Janelle Hardy on Personal Mythmaking

Have you ever wondered about the story you’re living? This week, I chat with Janelle Hardy, who spends a lot ofView full post »

Dear Book Dr. | book prescriptions |

{Dear Book Dr.} Book Prescriptions are back!

When I began writing this site, all I wanted to do was book prescriptions. Anyone who’s met me knows IView full post »

April Peveteaux | Gluten is My Bitch | Secret Library Podcast |

{Secret Library Podcast} April Peveteaux Goes From Blog to Book Deal

Blog to book deal- we’ve all dreamed of that moment, haven’t we? I know it’s not just me in thisView full post »

LeAnna Weller Smith | Secret Library Podcast |

{Secret Library Podcast} LeAnna Smith on the Secrets of Cover Design

The cover. How have we waited this long to talk about the cover? All of us have certainly bought books based on theirView full post »