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{Secret Library Podcast} Sarah Selecky on Joyous Revision.

Sarah Selecky is back! It’s time to get into revision… I must admit, I was a little nervous to have thisView full post »

Susannah Conway | Secret Library podcast Ep 29 |

{Secret Library Podcast} Susannah Conway on the creation of books.

Susannah Conway knows how books get made. Having authored two and co-authored a third, Susannah Conway hasView full post »

{Secret Library Podcast} Gary Wilson on Structuring a Novel

Gary Wilson has been writing fiction for decades. He was the first person I thought of speaking to when peopleView full post »

lucy bellwood |scret library podcast |

{Secret Library Podcast} Lucy Bellwood on Kickstarting and Comics

Lucy Bellwood writes seafaring comics. When I saw Lucy speak at XOXO this past September, I was absolutely smitten.View full post »

{Dear Book Dr.} What about book proposals?

This week’s letter comes from Dal… who is interested in learning about book proposals. Listen up to learnView full post »

{Secret Library Podcast} Theresa Reed Colors the Tarot

Theresa Reed is the Tarot Lady. As a tarot lover, I was delighted to learn that Theresa Reed was coming out with aView full post »

Terra Chalberg | Book Agent | Secret Library Podcast |

{Secret Library Podcast} Terra Chalberg on Getting an Agent

Getting an agent can be intimidating. It doesn’t have to scare you away from meeting the right person. TerraView full post »

Meghan Dowell | Secret Library Podcast |

{Secret Library Podcast} Meghan Dowell on the Reading and Media Bubbles

Are you in a media bubble? I knew I wanted to have Meghan Dowell on the show when I met her. We talked about how ourView full post »

{Dear Book Dr.} Down a Spiritual Rabbit Hole

Marissa writes in this week because she’s taken the plunge into the spiritual world, but it sounds a little bitView full post »

Heidi Fiedler | Secret Library podcast |

{Secret Library Podcast} Heidi Fiedler rocks Structure and Kids’ Books

Heidi Feidler has worked on over 300 Children’s Books. Can I just say 300 books? 300 titles! As Heidi madeView full post »

dating me | dear book dr |

{Dear Book Dr.} Serial dater seeks herself

This week’s letter comes from Kristy, a self-confessed serial dater who’d like to settle down a bit andView full post »

Mary Laura Philpott | Secret Library Podcast |

{Secret Library Podcast} Mary Laura Philpott on Humor, Penguins and the Fall Book Lineup

Sometimes we all need a good laugh. Mary Laura Philpott was the perfect person to talk to about humor. Her book,View full post »

weird books trivia | dear book dr. |

{Dear Book Dr.} I must have all the trivia!

Logan writes in this week looking for trivia and weird knowledge. I love this sort of thing- reading for the absoluteView full post »

Colette Lafia | Secret Library podcast |

{Secret Library Podcast} Colette Lafia on Memoir and a Monk

Colette Lafia is an author, librarian, and spiritual director. We could have talked for hours. Between the influenceView full post »

{Dear Book Dr.} Help! I’m having a Baby.

This week, Jane writes in feeling quote overwhelmed about being pregnant and living far away from her family. SheView full post »