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Sarah Selecky | The Secret Library Podcast | |

{Secret Library Podcast} Sarah Selecky on Where the Magic Comes From

Sarah Selecky might be a magician. I downloaded Sarah’s Story Course* about five years ago and fell in love.View full post »

Tosh Berman |Secret Library Podcast|

{Secret Library Podcast} Tosh Berman on Butter, 21 Days of Sparks, and Writing Every Day

Tosh Berman and I used to have a podcast. It was called “Books and Innuendo” and we were big in Japan. AtView full post »

Julia Callahan | Secret Library podcast |

{Secret Library Podcast} Julia Callahan on Small Press Publishing

Hey everyone- we’re up to episode 10! This week I’m joined by Julia Callahan, Director of Sales andView full post »

Elora Ramirez | Story coach and author | The Secret Library Podcast |

{Secret Library Podcast} Elora Ramirez says Everything You Need to Hear Right Now.

Sometimes, as someone who’s dreaming of writing, you hit some road blocks. Sometimes you want to quit. SometimesView full post »

{Secret Library Podcast} Ruth Bernstein on the Future of Libraries.

You read that right, this week’s episode is about the library! Such heaven. I just loved getting to talk toView full post »

Milda Harris on YA and self publishing | Secret Library Podcast |

{Secret Library Podcast} Milda Harris on YA and Self-Publishing Systems

I hope you’ve got your notepad and a pen out for this one, my dear listeners. Author Milda Harris is a ChicagoView full post »

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{Secret Library Podcast} Christina Orlando is your Monthly Muse.

If you’ve dreamed of reading books and drinking tea all day instead of staying in a soul-sucking job thatView full post »

{Secret Library Podcast} Catherine Theis on Why You Should Read Poetry Before Coffee

This week, I talk with Catherine Theis about poetry. To be fair, I don’t consider myself a great reader ofView full post »

Edan Lepucki | Secret Library Podcast

{Secret Library Podcast} Episode 4 :: Edan Lepucki on Why a New Novel is Like a Lover

This week, I’m talking with Edan Lepucki, novelist and my long-time writing teacher about her first novel,View full post »

Conversations that go beyond books | Secret Library Podcast

{Podcast} We’re on iTunes!

And just like that- we’re in iTunes! The Secret Library podcast is plowing ahead. I’m up to 3 episodes nowView full post »

Sam Potts | Secret Library Podcast

{Secret Library Podcast} Episode 3 :: Sam Potts on the mysteries of interior book designers.

Welcome to Episode 3: that time the show notes took steroids. As we continue to progress through the underworld ofView full post »

Esme Weijun Wang | Secret Library Podcast

{Secret Library Podcast} Episode 2 :: Esmé Weijun Wang and The Border of Paradise

Welcome to episode 2! This episode, I’m thrilled to welcome author Esmé Weijun Wang to discuss her debut novel,View full post »

Bari Tessler | Secret Library Podcast

{Secret Library Podcast} Episode 1: Bari Tessler Getting Real about The Art of Money

Episode 1: Bari Tessler and The Art of Money In our inaugural episode, I am thrilled to have Bari Tessler on the show.View full post »