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Colette Lafia | Secret Library podcast |

{Secret Library Podcast} Colette Lafia on Memoir and a Monk

Colette Lafia is an author, librarian, and spiritual director. We could have talked for hours. Between the influenceView full post »

{Dear Book Dr.} Help! I’m having a Baby.

This week, Jane writes in feeling quote overwhelmed about being pregnant and living far away from her family. SheView full post »

{Secret Library Podcast} Michelle Wetzel on the New High School Library

Michelle Wetzel is the high school librarian you wish you had. Hearing about what is possible in schools nowadays,View full post »

Practical Woo-Woo | Dear Book Dr. |

{Dear Book Dr.} Searching for Practical Woo-Woo

I’m loving this week’s letter from Jess. She’s looking for something to read that is both practicalView full post »

Erin Jourdan | Secret Library Podcast |

{Secret Library Podcast} Erin Jourdan on Stunt Journalism

Erin Jourdan is not afraid of stunt writing. You won’t be either, once you listen to this episode. Ever wantedView full post »

{Dear Book Dr.} On a Quest for Love

Hello! Welcome to another Dear Book Dr. Minisode. This week’s letter comes from Genevieve, who’s askingView full post »

Natasia Deon | Secret Library Podcast | | image: Casey Curry

{Secret Library Podcast} Natashia Deón on Novels and Grace

Natashia Deón is a wonder. When Julia Callahan gave her incredible ability to build networks and community back inView full post »

Book Doctor | Dear Book dr | image - Steve Halama |

{Dear Book Dr.} Life after A Little Life

This week, we have a letter from Megan that’s very close to my heart. Megan has just finished A LittleView full post »

{Secret Library Podcast} Krysta Williams on Art Books and Photography

As you can see, Krysta Williams has incredible hair. It’s even mentioned in her bio, but that’s not why IView full post »

{Dear Book Dr.} How do I get back to myself?

What happens when everything that previously defined your life is gone? That’s the question thisView full post »

Lindsay Smith | Secret Library Podcast | Editing |

{Secret Library Podcast} Lindsay Smith on the Mysterious Art of Editing

So what happens when you finish writing your fricken book?? Editing has been the final frontier for me with myView full post »

{Dear Book Dr.} Time Management Help Needed!

Time Management. (Don’t we all have issues with this?) This week, Mara writes in asking for help with herView full post »

Jannelle Hardy | The Secret Library |

{Secret Library Podcast} Janelle Hardy on Personal Mythmaking

Have you ever wondered about the story you’re living? This week, I chat with Janelle Hardy, who spends a lot ofView full post »

Dear Book Dr. | book prescriptions |

{Dear Book Dr.} Book Prescriptions are back!

When I began writing this site, all I wanted to do was book prescriptions. Anyone who’s met me knows IView full post »

April Peveteaux | Gluten is My Bitch | Secret Library Podcast |

{Secret Library Podcast} April Peveteaux Goes From Blog to Book Deal

Blog to book deal- we’ve all dreamed of that moment, haven’t we? I know it’s not just me in thisView full post »