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Jannelle Hardy | The Secret Library |

{Secret Library Podcast} Janelle Hardy on Personal Mythmaking

Have you ever wondered about the story you’re living? This week, I chat with Janelle Hardy, who spends a lot ofView full post »

Dear Book Dr. | book prescriptions |

{Dear Book Dr.} Book Prescriptions are back!

When I began writing this site, all I wanted to do was book prescriptions. Anyone who’s met me knows IView full post »

April Peveteaux | Gluten is My Bitch | Secret Library Podcast |

{Secret Library Podcast} April Peveteaux Goes From Blog to Book Deal

Blog to book deal- we’ve all dreamed of that moment, haven’t we? I know it’s not just me in thisView full post »

LeAnna Weller Smith | Secret Library Podcast |

{Secret Library Podcast} LeAnna Smith on the Secrets of Cover Design

The cover. How have we waited this long to talk about the cover? All of us have certainly bought books based on theirView full post »

Sarah Selecky | The Secret Library Podcast | |

{Secret Library Podcast} Sarah Selecky on Where the Magic Comes From

Sarah Selecky might be a magician. I downloaded Sarah’s Story Course* about five years ago and fell in love.View full post »

Tosh Berman |Secret Library Podcast|

{Secret Library Podcast} Tosh Berman on Butter, 21 Days of Sparks, and Writing Every Day

Tosh Berman and I used to have a podcast. It was called “Books and Innuendo” and we were big in Japan. AtView full post »

Julia Callahan | Secret Library podcast |

{Secret Library Podcast} Julia Callahan on Small Press Publishing

Hey everyone- we’re up to episode 10! This week I’m joined by Julia Callahan, Director of Sales andView full post »

Elora Ramirez | Story coach and author | The Secret Library Podcast |

{Secret Library Podcast} Elora Ramirez says Everything You Need to Hear Right Now.

Sometimes, as someone who’s dreaming of writing, you hit some road blocks. Sometimes you want to quit. SometimesView full post »

{Secret Library Podcast} Ruth Bernstein on the Future of Libraries.

You read that right, this week’s episode is about the library! Such heaven. I just loved getting to talk toView full post »

Milda Harris on YA and self publishing | Secret Library Podcast |

{Secret Library Podcast} Milda Harris on YA and Self-Publishing Systems

I hope you’ve got your notepad and a pen out for this one, my dear listeners. Author Milda Harris is a ChicagoView full post »

Christina Orlando | The Secret Library Podcast |

{Secret Library Podcast} Christina Orlando is your Monthly Muse.

If you’ve dreamed of reading books and drinking tea all day instead of staying in a soul-sucking job thatView full post »

{Secret Library Podcast} Catherine Theis on Why You Should Read Poetry Before Coffee

This week, I talk with Catherine Theis about poetry. To be fair, I don’t consider myself a great reader ofView full post »

Edan Lepucki | Secret Library Podcast

{Secret Library Podcast} Episode 4 :: Edan Lepucki on Why a New Novel is Like a Lover

This week, I’m talking with Edan Lepucki, novelist and my long-time writing teacher about her first novel,View full post »

Conversations that go beyond books | Secret Library Podcast

{Podcast} We’re on iTunes!

And just like that- we’re in iTunes! The Secret Library podcast is plowing ahead. I’m up to 3 episodes nowView full post »

Sam Potts | Secret Library Podcast

{Secret Library Podcast} Episode 3 :: Sam Potts on the mysteries of interior book designers.

Welcome to Episode 3: that time the show notes took steroids. As we continue to progress through the underworld ofView full post »