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Susannah Conway | Secret Library podcast Ep 29 |

{Secret Library Podcast} Susannah Conway on the creation of books.

Susannah Conway knows how books get made. Having authored two and co-authored a third, Susannah Conway hasView full post »

Meghan Dowell | Secret Library Podcast |

{Secret Library Podcast} Meghan Dowell on the Reading and Media Bubbles

Are you in a media bubble? I knew I wanted to have Meghan Dowell on the show when I met her. We talked about how ourView full post »

{Reader’s Life} On cleaning out your head.

Anyone else out there addicted to input? I’m showing my age, but I’ve always left a little bit like theView full post »

Best Podcasts for Readers | Caroline Donahue | the Book Dr.

{Reader’s Life} The Best Podcasts for Readers

It’s true: I love books and read like a maniac. But sometimes, I want to do something with my hands whileView full post »

How to prolong a book after it's over | Caroline Donahue Book Dr.

{Reader’s Life} How to prolong a book after it’s over.

Sometimes it’s really hard to let go when a book ends. I should know. I’m the queen of trying to stayView full post »

hide reading public book dr caroline donahue

{Reader’s Life} How to Hide What You’re Reading in Public

Why might you want to hide what you’re reading? Once, a friend and I broke up with boyfriends the same week. WeView full post »

{Interview} Book Dr. Featured Blogger at Parchment Girl

I’ve got an interview to share! I’m so honored to be this month’s featured blogger over atView full post »

book dr

{Reader’s Life} Comfort Reads

It still amazes me how many people think I only read “hard books.” You know, the giant brick-sizedView full post »

{Reader’s Life} 5 Journaling Prompts for Readers

Part of the reason I love to read is the impact a good book can have on my life. I know I’ve been going on andView full post »

Holiday Madness

Hello! I’m still here, I promise. The holidays are upon us and, sadly, this also the time of yearView full post »

favorite pens

{Reader’s Life} My Favorite Pens

As you may have noticed, I am a collector. I collect stories, books, and I make lists. On paper. So, as a collectorView full post »

{Read for Free} Part Three: Secret Libraries

  I often feel like a bottomless pit when it comes to books. There are never enough. At this point in myView full post »

read for free

{Read for Free} Part Two: Review Copies

How’s it going with reading library books on Kindle? I hope you’ve got a big queue all loaded up. ForView full post »

read for free library on kindle

{Read for Free} Part One: Library Books on Your Kindle

If you read as much as I do, eventually you’ll be making that call between groceries and books. Personally, IView full post »

{Reader’s Life} The Poetry of Texting

Just a little post today. I’ve been working my way through Sarah Selecky’s Story Intensive course thisView full post »