The Story Intensive

Are you writing in isolation with needs that aren’t being met? Does it make your resistance flare up even more? Creative writing is deep work, and it takes joyful effort and focus. Many writers resist writing, and especially resist finishing whatever they’re working on. Even if their avoidance causes them pain, writers often still need help getting out of their own way.

The Story Intensive supports those writers who work and learn better with other writers.

I, Caroline The Book Dr., am an alum of The Story Intensive, and can speak from personal experience about the magic that occurs when studying with Sarah Selecky (pictured above). And not only am I an alum, this round of the course, I will be a TA as well.

To say I am excited about this would be a massive understatement.

I, perhaps like you, began by signing up for The Story Course, a self-paced program, thinking I could do this on my own. I was wrong. I set the course aside after a few delicious lessons and life got in the way. I needed deadlines and assignments and a community to get it all done.

The Story Intensive is all of those things, and more.

Join the Story Intensive with Book Dr. goodies!

In addition, those of you who sign up for The Story Intensive through the Book Dr will get to be a part of a little community within the Intensive. Everyone who signs up here will get to be a part of two live videoconference chats with me, one before the course begins in September, and the second one after we finish. We’ll use these conversations to set goals for the program, and then to set new goals for your writing life afterward, once you have the program under your belt.

Will you join us? I hope so. It would be a treat to write with you.