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A supportive community for women who want to write, already.

Have you got a story in you, that’s been dying to come out?

Maybe even for years?

Even though writing is a solitary activity, that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone.

Sometimes the support of a group of writers struggling alongside you is what is necessary to keep returning to the page.

Using the magical powers of technology, we’re creating our own virtual coffee shop.

As we cozy up together and share in the struggle of getting these words written, we will all get on with that idea that’s keeping us up at night.


The Coffee Shop Writers Group is a 6 month program that builds a virtual coffee shop, complete with live monthly q+a meetings, monthly guest lectures, and a private community that’s there for you to post in 24/7.

  • A safe, supportive community of writers just like you, who are scared, but willing to risk trying this crazy writing thing seriously anyway

  • A weekly encouragement note from Caroline, delivered to your inbox complete with a writing prompt and loads of inspiration

  • Monthly life video conference q+a calls to let you share your process and connect with your fellow group members

  • A small, intimate community of no more than 12 members

  • A secret Facebook group for posting and connecting that’s available to you 24/7

  • Amazing guest lecturers each month who will provide inspiration and guidance in a second monthly live video q+a session

  • A framework to follow that will allow you to move from idea, to outline, to draft of a project

  • Build the confidence you need in order to call yourself a writer without squirming. Really.

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I’m Caroline Donahue, the Book Dr.


I’m your intrepid group leader. I can’t wait to meet the 12 of you who are going to join me in this journey.
This is going to be a game changer for your writing life.
Let's do this.

Register now and save your spot!

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**Please be sure to register with the email address you wish to have your course material sent to.
You will receive an orientation email about an hour after you sign up!




“I was seriously looking for a new direction in life. I really really needed to hear from someone about my writing YOU CAN DO THIS and I BELIEVE IN YOU. It was something I never heard as a kid when I dreamt of writing and give up the dream. Caroline has massively helped me believe in myself. I am utterly gobsmacked and delighted that she has helped me step over this new threshold. I believe in myself as a writer – whatever that means. I feel a huge gap in my life has been filled, that I am going to do something I’ve been waiting to to do for 30 years.”



“I believe I have opened up to more possibility, for example, believing that it is possible for me to make a good living doing what I love. I am also learning to trust myself more, and gaining more confidence. I feel more empowered and hopeful about my ability to create what I want. Thank you for being such an amazing coach!!!”



“I knew Caroline was awesome and, no matter what, I was going to enjoy the process. It was just like talking to an old friend combined with a super-positive therapy session. I’ve accomplished a SHIT TON in a short time. I did exactly what I set out to do. I’m more confident that I’m on the right path. I’m comfortable calling myself a writer, which has never been the case before.”

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“Caroline Donahue has laser sharp instincts. We worked together on some writing for my website and Caroline quickly helped me identify a way to describe my work that was so exactly right that I felt like bells were clanging in my brain. Actually, I felt like Caroline was in my brain. She is super-smart, hilarious, generous and makes fantastic connections in service of her clients. I'm deeply grateful to Caroline and would hire her again as a coach in a heartbeat.”


For less than a fancy dinner out every month, get a full community behind you and your writing goals.


My individual clients have moved mountains in our work together. But in these crazy times, I want to make this work available to as many people as I can at a reasonable price.

We need to come together in community and support each other in telling stories. Stories matter right now.

Your story matters, so I want to make this program a reality for you, not just something you read about and think, “Oh, wouldn’t that be nice.”

I want you to be able to say yes right now if this program is calling to you.

Fulfill your writing dreams with a monthly payment that’s less than a big night out on the town.

$149 today and then 5 monthly payments of $149

You’ll be charged $149 today, and then $149 5 more times at monthly intervals.


The Philosophy of The Coffee Shop Writers Group

Even though writing is a solitary pursuit, you don’t need to do it alone. For the past 15 years, I have written more productively in groups than I ever did alone.

In 2003, I left my career. I had completed a Masters Degree in psychology and was on track to become a psychotherapist. I was building a client base and a practice. I had long-term people I was working with.

And then my grandmother died.

At this point, I was 25 and hit with the quarter-life crisis big time. Both of my grandmothers had wanted so much more out of their lives than the time and place they were born in allowed them. I liked working with clients, but it didn’t fit just right.

What fit was writing.

After the funeral, I took a week off of client work and hid out in Big Sur with a pile of Natalie Goldberg’s books and a journal. I wrote and wrote and wrote. I came home and told my supervisor that I needed to leave the counseling center.

Over the past 15 years, I have taken every writing course and seminar on and offline. I’ve been in living rooms and in chat rooms and conference centers. I’ve heard book lectures and been to book signings. I’ve interviewed nearly 50 writers and publishers for my podcast all in service of the dream of really doing this thing of being a writer.

This program is dedicated to my 25-year-old self. This is the group that I needed then. If you have studied craft and love the work of writing, but need a group that loves it too to remind you that you aren’t in fact crazy for wanting to write and to care about your writing goals as much as they care about their own, this is the group you’ve been waiting for.

A Preview of Your Guest Lecturers:

And more surprise experts to come...


Sarah Selecky

Heidi Fiedler

Heidi Fiedler

Lindsay Smith

Lindsay Smith

Megan Hannum

Megan Hannum

View More:

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve taken writing classes in the past. How is this different than a basic writing class?

This is a group coaching program for writers. The difference between this and a writing class is that we are not going into the how-to of writing. This program is for writers who want to set goals, be held accountable to them, and to work toward these goals in a supportive community. If you’re looking to learn about how to write, I recommend you check out one of the many excellent courses in creative writing out there.

I really need support and accountability right now and am unsure if I want to do 1:1 coaching with you or join this group. How do I decide?

I love that you’re open to support in pursuing your goal. Congratulations! I love working with 1:1 clients and see incredible results with them. If you want to pursue that kind of work, you can apply here. What’s special about a group is that you really get the sense of going after your writing dream with 11 other people who want the same thing. There’s a kind of magic that occurs when like-minded groups come together. In addition, if finances are a concern, this program is half the monthly cost of my 1:1 6-month coaching program, with the added benefit of the FB group to connect with classmates, weekly inspiration and goal emails, and your twice-monthly q+a calls with me and with the guest lecturers.

I’m a little bit nervous about using technology. Is there a lot of complicated stuff I need to know to be in this group?

If you can handle being on Facebook, you can handle this class. You also need to have a computer with access to the internet. The live q+a calls are hosted on Zoom, and all you’ll have to do is click a link to join when we go live for the calls. The very first time, you may have to download the program, so allow about 10 extra minutes for that. If you don’t have a camera in your computer, we won’t be able to see you, but as long as you have headphones and an internet connection, we should be able to hear you just fine.

I have tested all of these tools in numerous courses and situations and have found them to be stable.

With all that said, if getting a link in an email to click for the conference, or joining a Facebook group feels like too much technology for you, this is probably not the right course. Please don’t sign up if you don’t want to participate in the FB group or think attending the q+a sessions or downloading them later sounds overwhelming. You won’t get the full benefit of the program.

This all sounds great to me, but my life is pretty busy. How much of my time will being in the program take?

Great question. Making space for your writing life is something that you’ll need to make a priority in order to get the full benefit of this program. That said, the bare minimum of time is the following:


  • 2 hrs a month to attend or listen to the group q+a meetings
  • 30 minutes or more a week to check in and post in the FB group
  • At least 20 minutes a day spent on your own writing. You may choose to spend more than this, or to write in several chunks per week, but this is the minimum average time.
I love this idea, but what if I change my mind. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, no. I don’t offer refunds for my courses, so please be sure you’re committed before signing up. You can get to know me, and several of the guest lecturers, by listening to my podcast.
I’ll also be offering a free webinar where people interested in the class can ask all questions about the program before signing up. You can sign up for that webinar here. If you’ve missed the webinar live, sign up and you’ll be emailed a link to the replay.

Will I have to share excerpts of my actual writing for critique?

You are not required to share any of your writing in this program at all. However, many people have shared struggles or conundrums they are having in my courses and have found it helpful. You are welcome to share as much and as little as you like. If you would like to share work, please be advised that we are not reviewing full drafts or large portions of work and giving responses in this group. A critique or creative writing course may suit you better if that’s what you’re writing for. This group is for accountability, building a regular writing habit, and reaching your goals in getting a draft of a piece down on paper.

Can you lay out the logistics of the group?

Absolutely. Once you sign up, you’ll be sent an orientation email. Class begins officially on April 18th.

Each Monday, you’ll receive a letter from me in your inbox with your writing encouragement for that week. In that letter, you will also find links to that week’s q+a session, if there is one scheduled.

Q+A sessions will happen on Zoom, a webinar platform, twice a month. One call will be just the group with me, and the other call will also include a presentation and q+a with a guest lecturer.

The Facebook group will be set to Secret once everyone has joined so it is entirely private. You may post questions and share about your process and goals there. I will visit the group every day twice daily (once on weekends) to address and respond to questions and comments.

You will also receive a PDF worksheet each month to help you track your goals and writing progress. I will also be sharing additional resources and recommendations throughout the course.


Live Q+A call dates and times:

Live Q+A calls will be on Sundays, to allow the maximum number of people to participate.


All calls will be at these times:


9 am Pacific/ 10 am Mountain/ 11 am Central/ 12 pm Eastern/ 5 pm UK


The dates for Q+A with me are as follows:


  • April 23, 2017
  • May 21, 2017
  • June 25, 2017
  • July 23, 2017
  • August 20, 2017
  • September 24, 2017


Guest Lecturer call dates will be announced when the group opens.

How people feel about coaching with Caroline

Get ready to have your writing world rocked!



“This was my first time with a coach. I was nervous. A bit of that feeling one has before someone comes to clean the house. That I needed to clean beforehand. Instead, the first thing Caroline helped me with was how to figure out what it was I most wanted to work on. She gave me a framework to find the work that would be the most meaningful and effective at this point in my life. I feel just a little bit braver. More energized to DO difficult things. I feel somehow more able to access optimism. Mostly what I feel more deeply is my own capacity to make myself happier.”



“I was in transition. I had no specific goals laid out. Now I feel more connected to trusting my body as the compass. All the journaling helped unravel many of the beliefs I held onto that kept me stuck. I am more aware and have a deeper understanding of my intuitive sensitivities and capabilities, and trusting their expression. Thank you Caroline for pushing and prodding and using all your knowledge, personal experiences and resources to help me dig deeper.”



“I was working on a book about an expressive arts visual journaling process I had created. I knew Caroline knew the language and fundamental principles I was striving to express. She also has exciting, out of the box ways of helping clients see their project with fresh eyes. I needed to have someone help me shake things up and get a fresh perspective. I came away with new tools and a new approach to my business.”



“I’ve always wanted to receive coaching and Caroline just came along at the best time possible. I’ve always been a life-long learner, but I also become overwhelmed easily and most programs would just give you the basics but not tell you the how. (I need it broken down into ‘baby steps’). With Caroline I was able to break down my goals into bite-sized pieces and accomplish WAY MORE than I ever thought possible! Caroline’s past experience and her calm demeanour are a blessing to anyone looking to make some huge and scary changes in their life.”

Sign up while you can

Registration closes at midnight, Pacific time US on Monday, April 10th.


There are only 12 spots in this program, so it will likely sell out well in advance.


Act now if you want to be a part of this incredible writing community.


**Please be sure to register with the email address you wish to have your course material sent to.
You will receive an orientation email about an hour after you sign up!


Your investment to fulfill your writing dreams is just

$149 today and then 5 monthly payments of $149

You’ll be charged $149 today, and then $149 5 more times at monthly intervals.

© Caroline Donahue 2017

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