[Epehemera Almanac vol. 12] Secrets and Escapes

secrets and escapes ephemera almanac


This is Oskar, our middle kitty. He has just turned 8 and was becoming too boisterous for our 16-year-old kitty. So we got him a little kitten friend. Great idea, right? Someone more age appropriate to play and run around with? Wrong.

Oskar spent the first two weeks we had Hugo hidden in our towel closet in the bathroom with his head against the wall, groaning. How could you do this to me?

Now, after a month, he seems to be returning to the fold, even playing with Hugo a little bit. But when he was worn down by yesterday, he turned to a book for support. I must say, I couldn’t help but feel a little proud of this choice.

This week, the links seem to gather around secrets and escapes:

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