[Ephemera Almanac vol. 11] Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride edition.

Mr. Toad's wild ride



Holy moly, it’s Sunday already. What with jury duty kidnapping my Tuesday, I felt like Wednesday was a whole new Monday. So here we are, on a kooky schedule.

And in honor of this upheaval, I have a group of links that will promote transformation and bold new adventures.

  • Another blogging friend and poet, Claire Mann, made a pilgrimage to the Bronte sisters home. I am dying to go there now. These photographs make me want to hole up somewhere and write my butt off.
  • I know I talked about it earlier this week, but Fluent Forever is still seriously rocking my world. I want all the languages immediately.
  • Susan Cain, author of the excellent book, Quiet, has started a site for introverts. I am loving it, especially this knockout post by a teen who describes how the book helped her accept herself.

Happy Sunday!

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Further Exploring

  • Giusy - I can’t get enough about your posts Caroline! This is a gem, i will definitely check the Fluent Forever website, the author looks also awesome! Xoxo, GiusyReplyCancel

  • Claire - It’s quite mind blowing the level of self acceptance Daisy has as an introvert and HSP at just 17. I’m 39 and the impact these characteristics have had on my life is just dawning on me! So glad you enjoyed the Brontë post now they were HSPs and introverts of great magnitude! They definitely make me feel that I’m in GREAT company.ReplyCancel

    • caroline - I had the same thought- I can’t imagine how savvy she’ll be by the time she’s our age… and yes, the Brontes are a great inspiration for sure. 🙂ReplyCancel