[Ephemera Almanac vol. 7] How to be yourself.



Happy Thursday! Here in the US, many of us have tomorrow off as a special treat since July 4th is a Saturday this year. I will be enjoying my holiday with lots of reading and relaxing. I cannot wait.

I’ve got a lovely little roundup for you this week, and I seemed to find lots of links that celebrate uniqueness and being different:

  • I was delighted to be introduced by a blogging friend to this community for “multipotentialialites,” people who are interested in many different things and often have trouble sticking with just one. (Or just a few, if we’re talking about me.) This will be a huge resource for me going forward, I can tell. I’ve also got the founder’s Ted Talk on my to watch list.
  • I am loving Verily Magazine lately- the only women’s magazine with a policy against using Photoshop. While this is a great start, they went even further with this article about how Photoshop isn’t the reason we feel so badly about our looks. A great read.
  • Beautiful post about why being broken makes you more beautiful. This will remain in the bookmark list as a future pick-me-up, I think.
  • The usual brilliance from Alexandra Franzen on being a grown up and doing what you want. It’s a nice kick in the hot pants.
  • Speaking of which, I vacillated back and forth about taking this photography class, because I am already in this amazing one. Then I remembered that I’m a grown-up and I can take both. So excited! Photo galleries coming…
  • And, just because, I cannot resist sharing this Kickstarter Video. I could not stop giggling watching it. So so good. I wish I could go back in time and support this project.


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Further Exploring

  • Dal - Some fantastic links here Book Dr! Puttylike added to Feedly, can definitely relate to being a multipotentialite (spelling that required a lot of concentration!), that photography course looks uber tempting and the kickstarter video is just delightful, I love bonkers genius people, so much imagination.ReplyCancel

    • caroline - Dal- So glad you enjoyed it. I think you and I are very much on the same wavelength. And that Kickstarter video- watching just part of it is enough to turn a day around for me. Imagination is the ultimate pick-me-up. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Barbara - Thank you Book Dr, one happy er, patient!
    Like Dal above, the Puttylike site really resonates with me, I love the idea of celebrating the multi-facetedness rather than denying it.ReplyCancel

    • caroline - 100%! I should write a whole post about having many passions. I loved reading Refust to Choose, which is along those same lines. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend picking that up. It’s very helpful for those of us who have many interests… xoReplyCancel

  • Claire - “Instead of being surprised every time you lose interest in a topic, expect that shift. ” Errrmmm – hello! Light bulb moment… So I don’t have to stop leaving things to feel good about myself, I just have to change my mindset? Excuse me why I lie down and rethink my whole life!!! :-OReplyCancel

    • caroline - Yes! I am so glad this gave you a big a-ha moment. Nothing makes me happier than hearing about those. Let me know what yo come up with once you’ve rethought your whole life, Claire. I can’t wait to hear! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • masha - I love the community for “Multipotentialities” I lose interest and sometimes I find myself reading 3 books at the same time. But the thing I like the best is “relaxing at home” LOLReplyCancel

    • caroline - Yes- I am almost always reading multiple books and working on multiple projects. I think that they often fuel each other, don’t you? The story in one book can be enhanced by researching something and then discovering that they go together in a totally unexpected way. How I love that. I do try to read a fiction and a non-fiction book at the same time so that I can at least not get the stories tangled together. Beyond that, it’s fair game. xoReplyCancel