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As much as I love books as objects, I also love them because of the stories they tell. And perhaps the idea of story that I am most enamored with in the end.

This week has been a bit of a challenge, and I am giving a lot of thought about how I write the story of what my life means in my own head. The links I found along the way were a lot about writing and writing resources, as a result, in all its many forms.

Happy exploring…

  • Then I was pumped about writing in general and dug up the 15 best writing blogs and am dying to dive into all of them immediately. Look for more thoughts on these in future posts.

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Further Exploring

  • Dal - There is so much greatness in this week’s edition! I’ve bookmarked for later reading. Loving all the links, the NYT article is really interesting but also shows just how accessible it can be to making a creative living, though requires tenacity and hard work. And yay to hand lettering!ReplyCancel

  • Masha - I’m always drawn to writing and writing resources. Great post, thanks for the links.ReplyCancel

  • Claire - Yep. Totally bookmarked. And this week’s favourite name? Laken Nix!ReplyCancel

  • lola - So many links, so much reading to do (o.O) Loved the NYT article – refreshing to see how people other than the megastars of the creative world manage to make a living.ReplyCancel

  • Nichola - So much goodness to dive into here. Thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel