COACHING WITH THE BOOK DR. Have you dreamed of writing as long as you can
remember? Has it always been on your mind as
something you might pursue seriously... one day?

If you dream of writing a book, there is no better time to begin. Coaching can help you clarify your book idea, fiction or non-fiction, set up a writing routine that works for you, and get you well on your way to writing the book that's been haunting you for far too long.

How can coaching help me? Clarify your writing project and discover why writing is essential to you.

Get twice monthly coaching calls to stay accountable to your writing goals.

Create a reasonable yet inspiring timeline to get the ideas in your head down on the page.

Break through the blocks and fears that keep you from finally embracing your identity as a writer.

Receive email support so that you have contact and guidance from me
between coaching sessions.

Complete customized assignments created just for you to support your
success as a writer.

Begin with a complimentary 30 minute consult to discuss your goals with me and find out if we're a match for coaching.
I’m your coach,
Caroline Donahue, MA.
I have interviewed over 100 authors and book professionals throughout my career in the writing world. I have published, edited, proofread, and written for publications. I took an auction catalogue from idea to press three times a year, and I'm currently writing a novel.

I have made it my life's work to understand as much as I can about how to get a book out in the world, and I have done it because I believe our stories matter.

Your story matters. Let's get it written.
Dal "I was seriously looking for a new direction in life. I really really needed to hear from someone about my writing YOU CAN DO THIS and I BELIEVE IN YOU. It was something I never heard as a kid when I dreamt of writing and give up the dream. Caroline has massively helped me believe in myself. I am utterly gobsmacked and delighted that she has helped me step over this new threshold. I believe in myself as a writer – whatever that means. I feel a huge gap in my life has been filled, that I am going to do something I’ve been waiting to to do for 30 years."
Terri "I felt very positive and thrilled to be working with you, having listened to and loved your podcast for some time. I knew you were the right person for me to work with and I knew that the timing was right for this focus in my life. Working with a kindred soul for whom writing, reading, coaching and tarot are all great loves was the best experience to set me off on a positive, inspired and grounded start as I work on my own writing and coaching business, with a side of tarot! Thank you so much for the gift of your coaching, Caroline."
Melissa “I wanted to share a bit of news that you definitely had a hand (or word) in making possible. When you did a book consultation with me, you suggested I try a technique of just sitting down and rewriting entirely from memory. To make a long story short, and a short story much better, that, I'm certain, was the technique that finally brought the story into focus. The happy ending is that it was accepted for publication. Thank you.”
If you're looking for someone who believes in your ability to write that book you've dreamed of writing, this is where you belong. People were born to tell stories and to make meaning out of their experiences.

There has never been a better time than now for you to write a book. If you've ever come to a birthday or a crucial moment in life wondering "When am I going to do this?" My answer for you is this: Let's write it now.

Your book has been waiting for you a long time. Let's get this done together.
Two coaching packages available:
3 Months for $ 350 Per Month
6 Months for $ 325 Per Month


Melissa "This was my first time with a coach. I was nervous. A bit of that feeling one has before someone comes to clean the house. That I needed to clean beforehand. Instead, the first thing Caroline helped me with was how to figure out what it was I most wanted to work on. She gave me a framework to find the work that would be the most meaningful and effective at this point in my life. I feel just a little bit braver. More energized to DO difficult things. I feel somehow more able to access optimism. Mostly what I feel more deeply is my own capacity to make myself happier."
Danielle “Before we connected I felt stuck. I learned that you can make big changes with small moves. Knowing that setting goals, tweaking them, accomplishing them and then setting new ones works, has been encouraging and liberating. I will be forever grateful to you, Caroline. Maybe I will write a memoir or book of essays, or maybe my blog will just be a butterfly net capturing, then releasing precious experiences in my life. It doesn't matter, the process is hugely gratifying and without you it would not have happened!"
Monna “Caroline Donahue has laser sharp instincts. We worked together on some writing for my website and Caroline quickly helped me identify a way to describe my work that was so exactly right that I felt like bells were clanging in my brain. Actually, I felt like Caroline was in my brain. She is super-smart, hilarious, generous and makes fantastic connections in service of her clients. I'm deeply grateful to Caroline and would hire her again as a coach in a heartbeat.”