“Caroline Donahue has laser sharp instincts. We worked together on some writing for my website and Caroline quickly helped me identify a way to describe my work that was so exactly right that I felt like bells were clanging in my brain. Actually, I felt like Caroline was in my brain. She is super-smart, hilarious, generous and makes fantastic connections in service of her clients. I’m deeply grateful to Caroline and would hire her again as a coach in a heartbeat.”

Monna McDiarmid, Yokohama, Japan





dal | praise | coaching | the book dr | carolinedonahue.com


“I feel a huge gap in my life has been filled, that I am going to do something I’ve been waiting to do for 30 years. I’m a goddam fucking romping fierce writer!!! Significantly, I really really needed to hear from someone about my writing YOU CAN DO THIS and I BELIEVE IN YOU. It was something I never heard as a kid when I dreamt of writing and gave up the dream. I needed a guide, someone cheering me on, nudging me and helping me believe in myself. Caroline has massively helped me believe in myself. I think I need a poster of her to put by my desk – I’m going to do this!”

Dal Kular, Sheffield, England





Melissa | testimonial | coaching | the book dr | carolinedonahue.com


“This was my first time with a coach. I was nervous. Caroline helped me figure out what I most wanted to work on. She gave me a framework to find the work that would be most meaningful and effective at this point in my life. Since working with Caroline, I feel just a little bit braver. More able to LOOK at difficult things. The biggest thing for me has been realizing how small a shift in effort and bravery can have such big effects. Mostly what I feel more deeply is my own capacity to make myself happier. Oh my goodness. I could probably keep doing this. I just feel like the process would keep getting deeper.”

-Melissa, Los Angeles, California






“I can recommend Caroline with my whole heart. She provided exactly what I needed, exactly when I needed it. With her help, the process of moving to another country felt smoother, more centered and completely right. Coaching was an investment in myself and Caroline was the perfect person to assist me in the journey. I was able to take a step back and really be amazed at what I accomplished over three months. I did exactly what I set out to do. I’m more confident and have faith that I’m on the right path.I’m comfortable calling myself a writer…which has never been the case before.”

-Tara Calihman, Dublin, Ireland






“I believe I have opened up to more possibility, that it is possible for me to make a good living doing what I love. I’ve sold several paintings in the past few months, which is more than I have ever sold. This has made me feel like other things are possible too. I feel more empowered and hopeful about my ability to create what I want, and I am more confident that I have tools that will help me.

-Mercedes Gilbert, San Francisco, California





Pamela | praise | the book dr | carolinedonahue.com


“Coaching with Caroline was inspiring, expanding, resourceful, and self empowering. I was working on a book and Caroline has exciting, out of the box ways of helping clients see their project with fresh eyes. During coaching, I realized that I needed to make my book first into an online class so that I could more easily reach a broader audience. Caroline really helped me shake things up to get a fresh perspective!”

Pamela Underwood, San Diego, California





Nina | Praise | coaching | the book dr | carolinedonahue.com


“I started coaching during a period of transition and have strengthened my connection to my body and my intuition.  I feel more connected to trusting my body as the compass in my life now. I am conscious of self-care habits, diets and rituals that allow me to honor myself more and to trust my body. Coaching was enlightening, unraveling, and liberating. I’m grateful to Caroline for her book recommendations, which lead me to a deeper understanding of how to refine my intuition and trust it more as a superpower. And all the journaling helped unravel many of the beliefs I held on to that kept me stuck.”

-Nina, Los Angeles, California




Dawn | Praise | coaching | the book dr | carolinedonahue.com


“When we started, I was really nervous, but very excited. Caroline’s past experience and her calm demeanour are a blessing to anyone looking to make some huge and scary changes in their life. I changed my money story and the fear around this area began to melt away – amazing! I was able to break down my goals into bite-sized pieces and accomplish WAY MORE than I ever thought possible! I’ve had a friend and colleague tell me that something has shifted in me – that I “glow” and I’m more calm and vibrant. I now realize that nothing is out of my grasp.”

Dawn Priestley, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada


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