I really really needed
to hear from someone about
my writing
Dal Kular, Sheffield UK
"I can recommend Caroline with my whole heart. She provided exactly what I needed, exactly when I needed it. Coaching was an investment in myself and Caroline was the perfect person to assist me in the journey. I'm more confident and have faith that I'm on the right path.I'm comfortable calling myself a writer...which has never been the case before." Tara Calihman Dublin, Ireland
“Coaching with Caroline was inspiring, expanding, resourceful, and self empowering.
I was working on a book and Caroline has exciting, out of the box ways of helping clients see their project with fresh eyes. Caroline really helped me shake things up to get a fresh perspective!”
Pamela Underwood San Diego, California
“I knew you were the right person for me to work with and I knew that the timing was right for this focus in my life. Working with a kindred soul for whom writing, reading, coaching and tarot are all great loves was the best experience to set me off on a positive, inspired and grounded start as I work on my own writing and coaching business, with a side of tarot! Thank you so much.” Terri Connellan Sydney, Australia
“I learned that you can make big changes with small moves. I will be forever grateful to you, Caroline. Maybe I will write a memoir or book of essays, or maybe my blog will just be a butterfly net capturing, then releasing precious experiences in my life. It doesn't matter, the process is hugely gratifying and without you it would not have happened!” Danielle Drosdick Los Angeles, California