{Secret Library Podcast} Episode 3 :: Sam Potts on the mysteries of interior book designers.

Welcome to Episode 3: that time the show notes took steroids.

As we continue to progress through the underworld of book publishing, I speak with Sam Potts, former book designer and fellow bibliophile. We discuss how books are designed inside the cover- how much freedom the designer has and what the bottom line is when the type is chosen and laid out (it’s not what you think.)

Along the way, we refer to the following absurdly long list of books and references. There were a few I couldn’t find, but here are the rest for your enjoyment::

As promised, the cover of the New Literary History of America, which I owned long before I met Sam. While the cover is gorgeous, so is the interior design:

New Literary History of America | Caroline Donahue & The Secret Library Podcast

Here is the halloween font we discussed should anyone be unfamiliar.

A clip of the Great Gatsby with Mia Farrow and Robert Redford.

Design-oriented books:

Writer’s Block Bookstore in Las Vegas. I have gushed about it before.

Books read in public:

Infinite Jest with 2 bookmarks

HotDudesReading on Instagram

Publishers that make beautiful and/or gigantic books:

The Valentino Book

The giant book of maps (Damn it’s cheaper now!)

Tang’s Donuts Los Angeles

Beautiful designer cover editions:

Phew! And there you have it. Happy listening and browsing.

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