{Secret Library Podcast} Episode 4 :: Edan Lepucki on Why a New Novel is Like a Lover

This week, I’m talking with Edan Lepucki, novelist and my long-time writing teacher about her first novel, California, and the process of writing her next book, Woman No. 17. Get inside the process of a book launch that far exceeded the expectations of both Edan and her publisher and how she dealt with all the attention that came from the “Colbert bump.”

In addition, learn the secret that always keeps Edan writing no matter what’s going on with her life or any book she’s published. And- this blew my mind- get the formula for how many pages you have to read of a book before you can give up on it. An actual formula! Bless you, Edan.

And, as promised on the show, here is Edan’s appearance on Colbert:

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