{Secret Library Podcast} Kameron Hurley on Feminism, Sci-Fi, and Crossing Genres

Kameron Hurley is a marvel.

The first thing I noticed about Kameron Hurley is how incredible her laugh is. She has a laugh that dares you not to join in, to enjoy the conversation and what she has to say. I hope you enjoy it, because I did- I absolutely adored it. Kameron is a two-time Hugo award winning writer and yet, she still holds a solid day job. This is the truth of a writing career, even one as well-awarded and Kameron Hurley’s.

I so enjoyed talking about what it was like to dive into the underpinnings of geek culture and write an essay about it, as well as what it does to your awareness to write about a society whose rules you have created entirely yourself, only to discover that you’re still playing into tropes and social expectations of your own world. Kameron and I dig deep into what being a feminist writer means and what the process of breaking down your writing does when you try to subvert convention. It was so fun to explore with such a self-aware guest. I know you’ll learn a ton from her. Happy listening!

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Discussed in Episode 61 with Kameron Hurley:

  • Wonder Woman
  • Sci-Fi’s ability to take us outside normal convention
  • ​“When it changed” by Joanna Russ
  • Tomboys & misogynists
  • Taking responsibility for the words on the page
  • getting started and the career path of a writer
  • Clarion West writers workshop
  • The garret life ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.
  • Winning awards yet keeping the day job
  • Her writing schedule
  • Weekend binge writing
  • Overshooting your goals to still hit something good
  • Having multiple projects
  • When to write non-fiction
  • The perspective of chronic illness
  • ​Samuel R. Delany on racism in SF
  • The tricks of dystopian fiction
  • Why you should not turn in a crappy book on time.

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