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So what happens when you finish writing your fricken book??

Editing has been the final frontier for me with my own writing for years. YEARS, I tell you. I have done NaNoWriMo five times to completion, but have never gone on to revise and edit any of these manuscripts. Ok. Confession over. (Did I mention that I have worked professionally as an editor on other publications? I know. It’s absurd)

Working with an editor is often the first part of the book creation process that starts to become scary and mysterious for anyone pondering putting their work out into the world.

Editing doesn’t have to be scary.

Lindsay Smith is here to help. I loved talking shop with Lindsay about the editing process, how she works, and what it was like for her switching over and working as the writer when she published her own novel. Pro tip: she still uses an editor, even though that’s what she does for work herself.

If you’re ready to polish up your work, this will be an inspiring episode. Pour a cup of tea and join us.

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Show Notes For Episode 16 with Lindsay Smith:

  • Editing for yourself versus someone else (3:00)
  • The things you miss in your own writing (3:45)
  • Standing out in the indie market (4:45)
  • Developmental vs. copyediting & common errors that writers make (6:00)
  •  The distraction of edits that aren’t made (11:00)
  • The author-editor tension (13:45)
  • How to find an editor and pricing (17:00)
  • Lindsay’s first experience with an editor (21:00)
  • Finding typos in books (23:00)
  • There’s an editor who’s a match for every writer (24:30)
  • Draft by draft- Lindsay’s novel from first draft to publication (26:00)
  • The writing schedule (27:00)
  • Critique partners vs. beta readers (28:15)
  • Reading the whole book out loud (29:45)
  • Cover design (30:15) Mentioned: The Cover Lure
  • Timeline for indie publishing vs. traditional publishing (31:00) Mentioned: Episode 9 with Elora Ramirez
  • Finding your rhythm and season as a writer (32:30)
  • Getting somewhere with ideas to finish the book (35:00)
  • Writer’s Block (36:00)
  • Shitty first drafts (36:45)
  • Getting to the final draft (39:45)
  • The danger of too many drafts or too many opinions (42:00)
  • The vulnerability of putting your work out there and why it’s worth it. (45:30)


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