{Secret Library Podcast} Theresa Reed Colors the Tarot

Theresa Reed | The Secret Library Podcast | image by Danielle Cohen | carolinedonahue.com

Theresa Reed is the Tarot Lady.

As a tarot lover, I was delighted to learn that Theresa Reed was coming out with a tarot book- and that it was also a coloring book. So cool! And so many things we could talk about on the show. Coloring book creation, picking the images to use, what it takes to create a coloring book? We go into it all.

Speaking with Theresa was a complete treat. We talk tarot, different learning styles, why mindset is the most important part of reading tarot AND even dive in to how Theresa uses tarot to plan her year and her creative projects. This one is a super fun episode that is both practical and goes into the woo- my favorite combination!

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Show notes for Episode 26 with Theresa Reed:

Photo by Danielle Cohen | Sponsored by Muse Monthly

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