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A course to discover your story through the magic of tarot.

When you sit down to write, does the story sometimes get stuck?

Do you wish there was another way?

Sometimes, despite all our dreaming, outlining, and drive to write, the story grinds to a halt.

Thankfully, there is another way to beat the critic and get back to writing progress in no time.

Humans are meaning-making magicians. We'll use your natural talent to break through blocks.

By laying out tarot cards in customized spreads for writers and asking powerful questions, your story will unfold right before your eyes.


Story Arcana is a series of 15 lessons delivered straight to your inbox that will teach you to beat writers block for good with tarot as your magic wand.

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  • A series of lessons that will teach you to use tarot as a precise tool for creating story

  • Emails with custom spreads, tips, tools, and resources sent straight to your inbox for fifteen weekdays once you sign up

  • Three video lessons with examples spelled out so you can see the spreads and principles in action

  • Instruction on how to use the tarot for writing even if you've never picked up a deck before in your life

  • A secret Facebook group accessible to you and all previous students of the course as a rich community forum

  • Quarterly new videos will be posted so you keep deepening your learning over time, even after you've completed the course

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I’m Caroline Donahue, the Book Dr.


Through my study of art therapy, art history and psychology, I discovered an amazing method that brings tarot and writing together.

I've seen these tools transform writing for my students countless times.

I can't wait for them to do the same for you.

Registration is now open for Story Arcana!

This course is available for you right away. Once you sign up, class is in session for you.

**Please be sure to register with the email address you wish to have your course material sent to.
You will receive an orientation email about an hour after you sign up!
(Lessons begin on the first weekday after you join.)


“I was seriously looking for a new direction in life. I really really needed to hear from someone about my writing YOU CAN DO THIS and I BELIEVE IN YOU. It was something I never heard as a kid when I dreamt of writing and give up the dream. Caroline has massively helped me believe in myself. I am utterly gobsmacked and delighted that she has helped me step over this new threshold. I believe in myself as a writer – whatever that means. I feel a huge gap in my life has been filled, that I am going to do something I’ve been waiting to to do for 30 years.”



“I believe I have opened up to more possibility, for example, believing that it is possible for me to make a good living doing what I love. I am also learning to trust myself more, and gaining more confidence. I feel more empowered and hopeful about my ability to create what I want. Thank you for being such an amazing coach!!!”



“I knew Caroline was awesome and, no matter what, I was going to enjoy the process. It was just like talking to an old friend combined with a super-positive therapy session. I’ve accomplished a SHIT TON in a short time. I did exactly what I set out to do. I’m more confident that I’m on the right path. I’m comfortable calling myself a writer, which has never been the case before.”

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“Caroline Donahue has laser sharp instincts. We worked together on some writing for my website and Caroline quickly helped me identify a way to describe my work that was so exactly right that I felt like bells were clanging in my brain. Actually, I felt like Caroline was in my brain. She is super-smart, hilarious, generous and makes fantastic connections in service of her clients. I'm deeply grateful to Caroline and would hire her again as a coach in a heartbeat.”

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Ever wondered if the writing process could be easier? It can.

Tarot writing

My individual and group clients have moved mountains in our work together. But I wanted to create a course that made tools available to you right away, without having to wait for my next program to open.

We need to come together in community and support each other in telling stories. Stories matter right now.

Your story matters, so I want to make writing a reality for you right now. 

I want you to be able to keep writing immediately. The world needs your story, too. 

Beat the critic and write your story now.

$49 for the entire course

You’ll be charged $49 today, and receive lessons in your inbox for the next 15 weekdays.

View More: http://featherandtwine.pass.us/carolinebarry

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this course work?

The Story Arcana is a self-paced course. You’ll receive an email with a lesson every day for 15 days. Lessons are delivered only on weekdays, so you have a chance to catch up on weekends.

How do I join the FaceBook Group?

You’ll receive a link to request to join the FB group in your orientation email. Just click through and you’ll be added to the group. There is one community group for the course, so you’ll have the benefit of all the previous course participants inside.

What if I join on a weekend?

You’ll receive your orientation lesson to get ready, and your lessons will start the first weekday after you sign up. Example- if you sign up on a Sunday, you’ll get your orientation email that day and your first course lesson will arrive on Monday

Do I need to buy a bunch of tarot decks to do this course?

Not at all. (Although you may end up wanting to collect a lot of decks as a result of the course) You can do this course with just one deck. In addition, there are recommendations for deck apps if you don’t have a physical deck yet and need something to use right away.

I’m not great with technology- do I need to be super savvy to do this class?

If you can open an email, you’re good to do this class. The Facebook group is completely optional and you can do all the lessons in this course in a notebook with a pen if you prefer. There are direct links to click to view the 3 videos and that’s all the tech you need to operate.

If I change my mind about taking the course after I sign up, can I get my money back?

Please be certain you want to do the course before joining, as we don’t offer refunds. This is our most affordable offering, so we priced it as low as we could to make it accessible to everyone. If you’re on the fence about joining, get to know Caroline better by listening to the podcast or signing up for the newsletter before you join.

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I want to work with Caroline in person. How do I do that?

Caroline offers 1:1 coaching , group coaching , and individual tarot readings on a limited basis.

How people feel about coaching with Caroline

Get ready to have your writing world rocked!



“This was my first time with a coach. I was nervous. A bit of that feeling one has before someone comes to clean the house. That I needed to clean beforehand. Instead, the first thing Caroline helped me with was how to figure out what it was I most wanted to work on. She gave me a framework to find the work that would be the most meaningful and effective at this point in my life. I feel just a little bit braver. More energized to DO difficult things. I feel somehow more able to access optimism. Mostly what I feel more deeply is my own capacity to make myself happier.”



“I was in transition. I had no specific goals laid out. Now I feel more connected to trusting my body as the compass. All the journaling helped unravel many of the beliefs I held onto that kept me stuck. I am more aware and have a deeper understanding of my intuitive sensitivities and capabilities, and trusting their expression. Thank you Caroline for pushing and prodding and using all your knowledge, personal experiences and resources to help me dig deeper.”



“I was working on a book about an expressive arts visual journaling process I had created. I knew Caroline knew the language and fundamental principles I was striving to express. She also has exciting, out of the box ways of helping clients see their project with fresh eyes. I needed to have someone help me shake things up and get a fresh perspective. I came away with new tools and a new approach to my business.”



“I’ve always wanted to receive coaching and Caroline just came along at the best time possible. I’ve always been a life-long learner, but I also become overwhelmed easily and most programs would just give you the basics but not tell you the how. (I need it broken down into ‘baby steps’). With Caroline I was able to break down my goals into bite-sized pieces and accomplish WAY MORE than I ever thought possible! Caroline’s past experience and her calm demeanour are a blessing to anyone looking to make some huge and scary changes in their life.”

Registration is open now. You can join whenever you're ready.

This course starts as soon as you join.

Take exquisite care of your writing self by signing up for these lessons.

**Please be sure to register with the email address you wish to have your course material sent to.
You will receive an orientation email about an hour after you sign up!

Your investment in your writing life is just

$49 for the entire course

**Make sure you sign up with the email you want your lessons sent to.

© Caroline Donahue 2017-2018

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