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{Ephemera Almanac Vol. 1, Issue 20} Get Cozy, Readers!




We did it! This is the twentieth issue of the Ephemera Almanac. I love gathering these links and treats for you every week.

However, since assembling 13 links for Halloween last issue tuckered me out a bit, this week I’m sharing everything I’m loving right now to get cozy and curl up with a book. It’s finally getting cold here in LA. (yes it does get cold- in the 40s at night)

Here you go:

  • These cozy jammy pants are on their way to me in the mail right now!

Enjoy the fall season and I hope you spend some time this weekend curled up and reading. I’ve got a date with some Lorrie Moore and I can’t wait!

much love to all and happy reading.

{Ephemera Almanac Vol. 1 Issue 19} The Spooky Halloween Edition

halloween cat in costume

Halloween is tomorrow! Everyone’s getting in the spirit, even Oskar. He’s very happy to be dressed as a lion. Don’t worry- he’s not angry. As I told my aunt who sent the cat costume props, that’s just his face.

I know I’m not alone in calling Halloween a favorite holiday. The costumes and the excuse to let loose and dress like the person you feel you are inside- it’s the best. And it is true that more often than not, I’ve picked librarian. I can’t help it- it’s one of my alternative lives for sure. And an easier costume than some others I dream of.

Here are my favorite 13 spooky Halloween discoveries around the web. (in fairness spooky is a generous term on my part- I can’t handle things that are too scary.)

Happy Halloween to all, and happy reading! Please share any spooky links or scary stories you have collected in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

{Ephemera Almanac vol. 1, issue 18} Eye candy for readers

eye candy

Oh, how I love eye candy, don’t you? I have been guilty more than once of picking a book by its cover. Wine by the label, too. There’s just something about good-looking design.

This week, I share with you all the cool looking things I have discovered on the literary interwebs. Happy peeping.

  • I happen to love this photograph, even if the creator didn’t.  (and the recipe with it sounds delicious!)
  • This pen is most definitely eye candy, but it’s even better in the flesh. Or the metal, rather.

Have a beautiful weekend! I hope you get to curl up for a bit and read. That is my plan on Sunday.  Here’s hoping LA stays cooler…

{Ephemera Almanac vol. 1, Issue 17} Reading by the Numbers

Reading by the Numbers

This week, I decided to gather all my numbered reading lists together for your enjoyment. Get ready for the numbers!

  1. 21 things you didn’t know you could do with your Kindle.
  2. 25 bestsellers from the past 25 years you simply must re-read.
  3. 50 of the best books of all time– with explanation about how they were chosen…
  4. For my gentlemen readers, 80 best books every man should read. Ladies, I won’t tell if you read this list, too.
  5. From the Powells blog, 11 best places to read.
  6. 25 of the most beautiful libraries in the world. (My favorites? 4, 5, 12, 13, 19 and of course I’m partial to 20) I predict a few stops on the honeymoon for these next year…
  7. NY Times review of Colum McCann’s new book, Thirteen Ways of Looking. Definitely going on my list.

Do you keep reading lists? I know one person who keeps a written list of every book she reads every year. Do you plan out your reading for the future? I love lists… so please share yours!

{Ephemera Almanac Volume 15} The Take a Big Bite Issue. ( Best Gluten-free cake inside!)

take a big bite

I’m all about taking big bites lately:

Start videos for the blog, learn to speak German fluently, learn calligraphy. Get married. Plan a wedding. Change work and career around to completely new model. Kondo the whole house.

What am I waiting for anyway? I’m chomping into things. It feels good.

Here’s some inspiration for taking your own big bites out of your goals. Dream big.

  • Possibly the best gluten-free cake I have ever had. Maybe the best cake ever, period. It’s worth the trip, I assure you.
  • It’s ok to try something and not be any good at it. I find removing the pressure helpful when diving into something new…
  • I have been on the Kondo train. This week it was books, but last week I cleaned my closet out for good. You can, too.
  • This Ted talk is my favorite kind: it cracked my heart open and made me hopeful at the end. Here’s how books helped a woman in Communist China keep her dreams alive. Inspiration in just 6:12! Trust me, just watch it.
  • I’ve been building up my meditation practice in this big bites phase and I was worried about my mind drifting. I love this article about why that doesn’t matter after all… I’m glad. I credit meditation with 98% of my remaining sanity.
  • And if you need permission to do something wild and wonderful. this is your permission. I was grateful to have it myself. It’s been said many times before but I’ll say it again. Don’t wait. Do that thing that’s calling you. It is worth giving it a shot.
  • If it doesn’t pan out, or if it does, there’s always pattycake cats.

or that gluten-free cake. I think we’ll go eat more tomorrow.

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