Coffeeshop Writers Group

A 6-Month group coaching program for people who want to write, already.

Next Session: Spring 2019

Have you got a story in you that’s been dying to come out? Maybe even for years?

Even though writing is a solitary activity, that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone.

Sometimes the support of a group of writers struggling alongside you is what is necessary to keep returning to the page.

Using the magical powers of technology, we’re creating our own virtual coffee shop.

  • A safe, supportive community of writers just like you, who are scared, but willing to risk taking this crazy writing thing seriously anyway
  • A weekly encouragement note from Caroline, delivered to your inbox complete with a writing prompt and loads of inspiration
  • Monthly live video conference q+a calls to let you share your process and connect with your fellow group members
  • A small, intimate community of no more than 12 members
  • A private forum for accountability and connection that’s available to you 24/7
  • Two 1:1 sessions with Caroline to plan your project
  • A framework to follow that will allow you to move from idea, to outline, to draft of a project
  • Build the confidence you need in order to call yourself a writer without squirming. Really.

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