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{Dear Book Dr.} 52 Books That Will Change Your Life!

52 Books that Will Change Your Life |

One of my very first projects here at the Book Dr was to ask for letters from readers. This was originally the entire concept of the Book Dr. site.

[Tweet “I wanted the Book Dr to be a place for book recommendations when people were in the shit.”]

In the past couple of years, this home has grown to a place for even more than that, but I still love prescribing books for various life situations and challenges.

People wrote lots of letters. They wrote about how shitty online dating can be. Wondering how to write a Bollywood memoir. Feeling that a novel was needed after a long bout of non-fiction. I loved answering these letters with suggestions of books that would be helpful.

Over the course of working on these letters and developing this blog into something more, I realized there were a lot of topics that I wished people would ask about so that I could suggest books in response. I had a first aid kit of books just waiting for someone to ask for it.

But people never know you have the perfect solution for their woes unless you tell them about it, right?

So here I am. I made this eBook, 52 Books That Will Change Your Life for those of you who want a book that will help in a variety of situations. I’ve broken things out into topics and have a number of books that I love and have been indispensable to me and others I’ve shared them with on the topics of money, relationships, growing up, health, support (and spirituality), building skills, and expansion & adventure.

I’ve read these books over the past decades and each one has stuck with me ever since I read it. Its concepts and ideas still serve me and it’s a book that I have recommended to someone else because I loved it.

I’m working on more of these lovely eBooks because they are such a joy to write and dream up, and you’ll find this one and others to come in the Secret Library section of the site here. It’s open to all subscribers to Footnotes, which brings letters for book lovers right to your inbox.

Sign up here, and you’ll get the password to the Secret Library where 52 Books That Will Change Your Life is waiting for you right now.

Happy reading!

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