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{Dear Book Dr.} Sexy Book Club revival

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It seems there is a theme on here lately… erotic fiction? Is this something people are looking to discuss further? Do let me know in the comments or on FB, even email me to discuss. (I feel a survey coming!)

And now, on to our question:

Dear Book Dr.,
Our women’s book club is reviving itself with style by now renaming itself (for awhile) Smutty Book Club…😜. Any recommendations for some fun? 😘

Bring on the Sexy Books

Well hello there, Sexy!

I love the idea of a women’s book club going right for the smutty. This is such an amazing topic that is rich for discussion and exploration.

My first question for you would be what level of depth this group is prepared to handle. By this, I mean: do people really want to dig into what makes them tick or are you just looking for a good giggle and some tittillation as a group? I think that’s something to consider as a group when picking books. Plus, let’s face it, the point of erotica is not to keep up the storyline for ages and ages. Ahem.

I can give recommendations for a variety of scenarios and then I leave it to your good judgment to decide.

In either case, I think anthologies of short erotic fiction are a good way to go in a group. I talked about this before in a Book Dr letter about finding something sexy to read when it’s too hot out to think, but I’ll go further with the topic here:

If you have a group of people reading the same book, the chances of everyone being turned on by the exact same story or kink is pretty low. By picking anthologies, you can each share which story was the most exciting for you, which ones didn’t do it for you, and which ones surprised you, among other lines for discussion.

  • For a general starting point, I  recommend Susie Bright’s Best American Erotica series. Lots of stories of high quality and a wide variety of topics. The 10th anniversary edition just came out in 2014, so that might be a good option.
  • If you want to go a little further down the rabbit hole, you could pick a more specific topic. For example, Please, Sir is an anthology of stories for ladies who might have enjoyed the submissive female scenario of say, Fifty Shades of Grey. And it’s a bit more accurate to the BDSM community, from what I am told.
  • If you want a longer book, Alexandra Franzen recommended Priest quite effusively. (“This is some next level shit.”) Full disclosure: I bought it based on her enthusiastic review, but I haven’t read it yet. Her original instagram post has a lot of additional titles in the comments as well. Something on this list should please your sexy book club.

Alright, my sassy minx. I hope this gets your book club up and running. Do report back and let us know how it goes?

Happy sexy reading,

the book dr.

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