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{Ephemera Almanac Volume 15} The Take a Big Bite Issue. ( Best Gluten-free cake inside!)

take a big bite

I’m all about taking big bites lately:

Start videos for the blog, learn to speak German fluently, learn calligraphy. Get married. Plan a wedding. Change work and career around to completely new model. Kondo the whole house.

What am I waiting for anyway? I’m chomping into things. It feels good.

Here’s some inspiration for taking your own big bites out of your goals. Dream big.

  • Possibly the best gluten-free cake I have ever had. Maybe the best cake ever, period. It’s worth the trip, I assure you.
  • It’s ok to try something and not be any good at it. I find removing the pressure helpful when diving into something new…
  • I have been on the Kondo train. This week it was books, but last week I cleaned my closet out for good. You can, too.
  • This Ted talk is my favorite kind: it cracked my heart open and made me hopeful at the end. Here’s how books helped a woman in Communist China keep her dreams alive. Inspiration in just 6:12! Trust me, just watch it.
  • I’ve been building up my meditation practice in this big bites phase and I was worried about my mind drifting. I love this article about why that doesn’t matter after all… I’m glad. I credit meditation with 98% of my remaining sanity.
  • And if you need permission to do something wild and wonderful. this is your permission. I was grateful to have it myself. It’s been said many times before but I’ll say it again. Don’t wait. Do that thing that’s calling you. It is worth giving it a shot.
  • If it doesn’t pan out, or if it does, there’s always pattycake cats.

or that gluten-free cake. I think we’ll go eat more tomorrow.

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