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{Ephemera Almanac vol. 13} Meditation and Mindfulness in Hawaii


meditation and mindfulness

photo credit: barrymcw.

This week, we’re returning to the woo-woo. It seems that everyone enjoyed that previous woo-woo edition, so I’m going to share more resources for meditation and mindfulness this week on the Ephemera Almanac.

I’ve been very lucky to spend this week in Hawaii on the Big Island with my family and found this beautiful spot for my morning meditation, just a few minutes’ walk from where we’re staying.

Every time I get away from my everyday routine, it gives me an opportunity to re-evaluate how I spend my time and live my life. I love the chance to fine tune my personal practices.

Here are some treats for you as you assess these aspects of life as well.

  • In my mid-twenties, I left psychotherapy as my profession and went to Spirit Rock for a silent retreat to mark the transition. It was a wild ride- my mind was anything but quiet, I assure you. The experience taught me so much and to this day my practice is a hybrid of zen and vipassana.
  • Later, I added mantra practice to meditation. I use this mala, which I love so much. I have worked with several mantras, but this is the one I am most pulled toward at the moment. Youtube is a surprisingly helpful source for mantras, as you get practice through repetition and the correct pronunciation. Just search for the mantra you want to work with in YouTube and keep clicking until you find a voice and orchestration you enjoy.
  • One of the best things I did for myself this past year was to take this course with Susannah Conway, The Sacred Alone. It’s starting up again in a couple of weeks and if you want to build a meditation practice, I highly recommend it as a great starting point.
  • If all these practices and resources feel overwhelming, start with just 5 minutes a day. That’s as much as I can do at home in my regular life a lot of the time and it still makes a difference.
  • And finally, following a Buddhist philosophy doesn’t mean you have to purge all your emotions. Here’s why it’s important to allow anger in a healthy spiritual life.

And now, back to my regularly scheduled swimming and reading. A whole stack of reviews to come… Im about to start my 4th book of the week… am hoping to get through five by the time we’re home…


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