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[Ephemera Almanac vol. 8] Footsteps to Follow

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This week, I keep coming back to footsteps I want to follow in. I went to LACMA last weekend and walked around looking at art for the first time in quite a while. It always slows me down, makes me remember to look for beauty around me in my life. Here are the sources of inspiration I found this week to keep looking for bigger and more impressive footsteps all the time.

  • I watched the fantastic film Advanced Style a couple of months ago, but watched it again on Sunday with my guy and loved it just as much. He did some great sketches while we watched. I want to dress like these ladies when I’m all grown up. They make me feel like I’m just getting started
  • This NYT Magazine post made me so happy. I always love hearing about artists that are doing their best work later in life. It gives me hope and pumps me up for what I will still do.
  • I love this article of Hugh McGuire’s about how tough it can be to sit down and just read, even if you love it. Spoiler alert- if you read more than 4 books last year, this will make you feel like a badass.
  • I have long admired Sarah Selecky’s amazing work in writing. She has great things to say about finding your writing community. I’ll be in her community this fall-can’t wait!
  • Speaking of writing, I’m thrilled to see the community creating sites to back writers. If you want to follow in your literary heroes footsteps and publish a book (and I know I do), this looks like something good to keep an eye on.
  • And for inspiration from the great ones, I am dying for these P&P tattoos and this scarf(Jane Eyre). Maybe not the scarf until it gets colder out, but it’s a want nonetheless.
  • I often find concerts overwhelming, but this gave me the chills when a friend sent it to me this week. I know it was a few years ago, but I really would have loved to see this live.

Whose footsteps would you like to follow in? Heroes, dreamed of dinner guests, mentors, idols? Let’s discuss…

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