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Ephemera Almanac, Volume 6: Summer Reading.


Today’s roundup celebrates the end of school and the joys of summer. I remember mid June being the time my mom took me to the bookshop after school let out, my stapled summer reading sheet in hand, which I had pored over since the minute the teacher passed it out as we finished another year. By the time I was actually picking out my books, I had circled and crossed out twice as many books as I would have time to read before school started again. Here’s to another summer with that sense of discovery…

  • I loved this discussion of bibliotherapy (perhaps this is my title!) and whether reading makes us happier in the New Yorker.
  • Who doesn’t love a fairy tale, really? Cicadas plagued my college graduation but even so, this stunning animated short made me cry the other day. Just brilliant.

Happy reading! what are your reading goals for the summer? I am going to follow the lead of a recent book dr. letter and dive into a lot of fiction. Can’t wait…

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