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In the midst of giving 100 Tarot Readings the summer of 2016, something magical happened. A friend asked me to read not for her life, but for her book.Literary Tarot Readings

People are meaning-making creatures. We write books and dream up narratives to make sense of the world around us. But as we write, we can also get stuck. Feel there’s something missing. In order to get to the deeper layers hiding underneath the surface of your writing, there is the Tarot.

Define the scope of your project

Look at the deeper levels of the story to bring more depth

Get more insight on the inner life of your characters

Learn what themes are speaking through your writing

Gain clarity on what’s holding you back in your writing, and how to move past obstacles

Engage the unconscious and enter into the mystery realm

Go deep into your project with a 30 minute or 1 hour session
How Can a Literary Tarot Reading Help Me?
I began reading tarot in my teens and adored the insight and depth the cards brought to conversations. As I pursued my BA in Art History and then my MA in Psychology and Expressive Arts, the relationship between imagery and the unconscious became a source of endless fascination.

Now, as a writer and coach, combining the Tarot with writing has become a secret weapon I use for myself, with students, and with clients to get to the heart of their writing.

I can’t wait to read for you! Let’s dive in.
I’m your Tarot Reader,
Caroline Donahue, MA.

Anonymous responses to the 100 Readings Project

“ [The reading was] Great! Inspiring. Insightful. Fun! I keep considering that it's ok to plan in the creative way I plan. I don't have to be linear like my partner or others who work that way. I can plan and make decisions by exploring my dreams, internal imagery, etc. and trust this way of being and living.”
“The reading was really helpful. ... I felt as I've always known you. So it felt familiar and warm, coming from someone I knew well. I don't know how to explain it. And then you opened my eyes on the Tarot world. I didn't know anything about it. I thought it was just fortune-telling. I discovered a world. I started reading about it and I even bought not one but two Tarot decks. :-D That's how much you impacted my everyday life! I started an introspective voyage with the Tarot. Thanks to you! And of course the reading was spot on.”
“[The reading was] excellent & informative. The clarity that it's time to work on my own creative project rather than support the creative projects of others has stuck with me. I've done a good amount of visioning around the direction of my next personal creative project.”
Once you sign up, we’ll schedule a time for your Literary Tarot Reading.

Take some time to journal about what you’d like to clarify during our time together. If you have specific questions to ask, write them down in advance. We’ll explore as many questions as the time allows.

After the reading, you’ll receive a photograph of the cards we pulled as well as a link to the recording of our conversation. I record the conversation so you don’t have to worry about taking notes during our reading.
If you’ve always been curious about Tarot, and are looking for a creative method to work through any stuck places in your writing project, a Literary Tarot Reading is for you.
Two Options Available:
Per Month75$for30 Minutes
Per Month135$for1 Hour

How people feel about Tarot Readings with Caroline

“It’s certainly an art. … So cool. This really is a blot of clarity for me, because now I know what the book is about.”Rachel
"I’ve been so fortunate to have Caroline read my tarot at crucial moments in my life and career — particularly for clarity around creative decisions. What makes her readings special is linked to her literary skills: she’s an excellent *reader*. Her guidance has stayed with me in image and emotion, in the same way scenes from my favourite books and stories have stayed with me. She has a gift."Sarah Selecky
“Thank you again for reading for me Tuesday night. I’ve been practicing the meditation you recommended (maybe to the point of overkill) and it feels fantastic. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. Everything we talked about was incredibly helpful.”Kelly Bumps
Let the language of tarot open up the
stuck places in your writing.
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