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{On the Nightstand} How to have a Wealthy Spirit

the wealthy spirit

As I recall, everyone really enjoyed an Ephemera Almanac I wrote a while back about all my woo-woo practices and recommended spiritual resources.

Today, I want to return to that topic since I’ve had some amazing experiences with a book I have long loved, called The Wealthy Spirit.

There was a long time when I thought money and spirituality didn’t belong in the same post. Maybe even not on the same blog. As a therapist in training, back in my twenties, we learned everything there was to know about the psyche: fears, darkness, depression, personality disorders, and all of the complexity there was to being a human. I drank this up in school, sitting in my rainbow socks with individual toes. (that’s what one wears in grad school, right?)

But years later, something still strikes me.

[Tweet “Why is it we can talk dirty about sex, but money is still to dirty to talk about at all?”]

In three years in grad school we talked about how to be sensitive to all manner of goblins that can lurk in our subconscious, but every time someone wanted to talk about money (even along the lines of- how do I build a successful practice as a therapist) everyone backed away like vampires when someone whipped out the garlic.

I was never satisfied with this response from school and later, from the rest of the world. I started reading a lot of finance books, most with spiritual elements to them. I studied with Bari Tessler, who has been an incredible mentor for me. (her Art of Money school is incredible if you are looking to fully dive in to your money story)

So- this topic is not new to me. (If you haven’t jumped on the Footnotes bandwagon yet, definitely do because I threw a bunch of money resources into 52 Books That Will Change Your Life, my gift to that posse.)

However, even with all this backstory,  I tried something new a couple of weeks ago. As a meditator, I have loved working with malas for years. I love the practice of counting through the 108 beads of the mala while repeating a mantra. It is calming and lovely for my practice every morning. For years, I have loved that work but I always worked with sanskrit mantras- mantras to Ganesh to remove obstacles, the classic and beautiful Om Mani Padme Hum was my go to for years.

Another ongoing practice has been to read something inspiring in the morning before or after I sit- I went through the gorgeous Radiance Sutras this way as well as some of David RIcho’s books. When I picked up the Wealthy Spirit again, I loved working through the page-a-day format. I’d read the page for that day, look at the affirmation provided, and then do my mala practice with my sanskrit phrase.

I know this may not feel as revolutionary to you as it did to me, but one day it clicked- since Chellie Campbell recommends repeating the affirmations every day, why not make that my mala practice?

I had to work through some resistance. Mantra practice is not done in English and it certainly is not meant to be about money or prosperity.

After I got my brain to clam down, I told myself that maybe I could just try it once and then I could go back to the old way if I didn’t like it.

Well, folks- I’m hooked. There is something wonderful about repeating phrases I actually understand word for word with the mala. I can feel the message sinking in. This practice lifts my mood, and has brought in some great rewards already- I got a new job that’s a great fit literally out of nowhere last week an while I can’t say it’s directly connected, I can say that I was in a much more open frame of mind for that kind of sudden change because of doing this practice.

Give it a shot. Try some affirmation practice in English with a mala. If you are unfamiliar with the practice, check out this explanation video to get you started.

Let me know how it works! This has been a huge discovery and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Let me know if it’s the same for you.

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