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{Reader’s Life} The Best Podcasts for Readers

Best Podcasts for Readers | Caroline Donahue | the Book Dr.

It’s true: I love books and read like a maniac. But sometimes, I want to do something with my hands while I’m reading. I might want to knit or clean up the house or go for a walk or a bike ride.

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I have talked about the audiobooks I love before, and that list might be due for an update, but I have to share the other resource that readers aren’t tapping into already: delicious nerdy podcasts.

I am not only an audiobook junkie, I am also a podcast junkie. There, I said it.

I have culled my overloaded podcast-listening app to share my favorites just for you.

Here they are: My Top 10 Podcasts for Readers:

  1. New Yorker Fiction. Let’s start with a classic. This is a beautiful format: an author reads a favorite story published in any previous New Yorker issue and discusses why it was meaningful to them. Just lovely.
  2. Slate Audio Book Club. For those who wish they were in a book club, but can’t imagine scheduling one. Bonus: These hosts pick the best books and have excellent commentary.
  3. Revisionist History. For Malcolm Gladwell nerds and history buffs. This show started recently and I’m already heartbroken that it’s only going for a 10 episode season, much like GoT. If this intro video doesn’t hook you, I don’t know what will.
  4. Books on the Nightstand. New episodes every Wednesday with the enticing feature “Two Books we can’t wait for you to read,” at the end of each episode. Good for those who need book-buying enabling, and want a peek inside the publishing world.
  5. Drunk Booksellers.  A nod to my much-beloved Book Soup days. Plus, this one is for those who like GIFs in their show notes and a theme song called “Bitches in Bookshops.” The rowdy choice of this list, for sure.
  6. Literary Disco. For those who get overwhelmed with a weekly show. This one comes out monthly, on average, and covers a wide variety of genres. They’ve done Sci-fi, fiction, a book on writing itself. Nearly 100 episodes waiting for you.
  7. The Secret Library. Shameless self-plug. This is my show, where I interview authors and book professionals about the process of writing and creating books. This is for you if you want to go inside the book-making world.
  8. Let it Out. The feel-good health and wellness show of the list. Many authors in the mix including host Katie Dalebout who just published an excellent book on journaling. Great for feeling warm and fuzzy.
  9. World Book Club from BBC. It wouldn’t be me without a British link, would it? Incredible mix of authors with contemporary books as well as old classics.
  10. The Guardian Books. Ok- two British shows. This one crosses the line between talking about books and the cultural context surrounding them.

These shows are all, at the time of posting, still active and releasing new episodes. I could do an entire post just on the shows that are no longer active, but still have episodes online you can listen to after the fact. That may come in the future. Until then, enjoy listening to some nerdy deliciousness that will hopefully delight your bookworm hearts.

Have any podcasts that you love? Please share them with the rest of us in the comments…

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