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{Reader’s Life} The Poetry of Texting

Just a little post today.

I’ve been working my way through Sarah Selecky’s Story Intensive course this fall, and this past two weeks we’ve been focusing on dialogue. I find myself thinking of how this works in stories I love, conversations I have, and as people call out to each other when I’m walking the dog.

I’ve been thinking about community more, and how we are building a community around story here. I realize one of the ways that I stay connected to my community day today is by texting little messages to friends and loved ones. The divine Hannah Marcotti issued a challenge to build a poem out of the communication threads we share with the world. So… here I am giving it a shot:

It’s nice and cool here

Can I talk you into sending that up here please

I have a strange blue bruise on my thigh though

Teehee, we’ll see!

You got the hook up, girl!

We are majorly fucking reminiscing from the lanai

that is perfection

it’s heartening to see stuff out there

be right there

I have something for you! I’ll bring it to the cottage

I absolutely will! I’m so excited!

walking out the door. was putting on my socks

Lemons will be ready too

Let’s make a date then!


Wanna hang out?

See you soon.


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