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{Review} Sick day? Kondo to the rescue.

sick day

What to read on your next sick day.

This holiday season, I have found myself sick far more often than usual. When my three week cold revived itself yesterday, it was time for a day in bed.

Thankfully, the cats let me sleep all morning and once it was early afternoon I was ready for a bit of reading.

Sitting on the nightstand were Marie Kondo’s Spark Joy and Proust’s In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower. I did read some Proust, but it is a mammoth book so I will not be reviewing that one today.

Kondo, on the other hand, was a light and reassuring treat for my sick self. Her confidence in the ultimate joy I will feel in my home and her anecdotes of people will hopeless amounts of clutter transformed into zen spaces made me breathe (as much as I was capable) more easily.

Those of you who read the first book of Kondo’s might wonder if you need to read the second one. I suppose if you have already plowed through your home and are blissfully cleared of all excess, you may be finished. But what I loved about this volume was the attention paid to how to honor the things you keep, as well as new tricks to storing things in clever ways as well as creating beautiful spaces to spend time in that spark joy.

It was the perfect book for me today, and I prescribe it for anyone in bed with a cold, those looking to jump start a clearing marathon, or anyone under stress who wants to feel a little less overwhelmed.

Has anyone else been smacked down by this cold? Please do let me know what you’ve been reading in bed while resting. I always love hearing about new reading recommendations, especially ones that seem to speed healing! Please share your thoughts in the comments, or the Facebook group.

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