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Your Writing Year 2020

We made a planner!

It’s been a dream of mine to create a planner that supports you reaching your writing goals for aeons, but it took a pandemic for us to sit down and create it.

What’t included?

  • Blank monthly templates to track your writing days with stickers or rubber stamps (or drawing or coloring – make it yours!)
  • Goal-setting guidance to take your dreams up to Maximum Juicy level
  • Unit tracker to work towards a big prize over small steps you set for yourself
  • Week on two pages spread to assess your schedule and make sure you fit in your writing
  • Template for a Process Journal that will help you keep track of when, where, and how you write best
  • The tarot spread I use every time I sit down to draft a new scene
  • Plenty of blank space and a minimal design aesthetic so you can color, sticker, and stamp it up to make this planner YOURS.

Share your planner and your progress with it on Instagram via #yourwritingyear2020

Get your copy here:

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